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Classes - III

Table of Contents

III. Classes
Classes I
The Druid's Animal Companion
Alternative Animal Companions
Classes II
The Paladin's Mount
School Specialization
Arcane Spells and Armor
Multiclass Characters
Class and Level Features
Prestige Classes
Arcane Archer
Arcane Trickster
Dragon Disciple
Dwarven Defender
Eldritch Knight
Horizon Walker
Mystic Theurge
Epic Class Progressions
Epic Barbarian
Epic Bard
Epic Cleric
Epic Druid
Epic Fighter
Epic Monk
Epic Paladin
Epic Ranger
Epic Rogue
Epic Sorcerer
Epic Wizard
Familiars at Epic Level
Epic Psionic Class Progressions
No Epic Bonus Power Progression
Epic Psion
Psicrystals at Epic Level
Epic Psychic Warrior
Epic Soulknife
Epic Wilder
Epic Prestige Class Progressions
Epic Arcane Archer
Epic Arcane Trickster
Epic Assassin
Epic Blackguard
Epic Dragon Disciple
Epic Duelist
Epic Dwarven Defender
Epic Eldritch Knight
Epic Horizon Walker
Epic Loremaster
Epic Mystic Theurge
Epic Shadowdancer
Epic Prestige Classes
Agent Retriever
Cosmic Descryer
Divine Emissary
Epic Infiltrator
Guardian Paramount
High Proselytizer
Legendary Dreadnought
Perfect Wight
Union Sentinel
Psionic Classes
The Power Point Reserve
Abilities and Manifesters
Random Starting Gold
Psionic Disciplines
Psychic Warrior
Psionic Prestige Classes
Psionic Fist
Psion Uncarnate
War Mind
NPC Classes

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