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Epic Cleric

Hit Die: d8

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int modifier

Spells: The cleric's caster level is equal to his or her class level. The cleric's number of spells per day does not increase after 20th level

Turn or Rebuke Undead: Use the cleric's class level to determine the most powerful undead affected by a turn or rebuke check and the turning damage, just as normal.

Table: The Epic Cleric

Cleric Level







Bonus feat






Bonus feat






Bonus feat



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Velon goes to speak with Zarra after they take their first platform ride back to the castle. "Zarra, may I speak with you? I know having to hide yourself is less than ideal and is simply more of the same for you, but the King would like to offer a compromise. We told him of your deeds; that you are one of the heroes of this realm now after all we have accomplished together. The King feels that his people may not be ready to celebrate the deeds of a Drow just yet, but he himself would like to meet you. Would you do us the honor of joining us at the feast, in disguise still, unfortunately, but to be honored personally by the King? I believe his words were that he finds it a joyous occasion, to find one of your kind who has broken free of the spider queen in mind and spirit. He seems to be a wise man indeed.

"I hope you will choose whatever you are most comfortable with, Zarra, as you do not need to do anything to please us, or the King even. I might suggest that making your good deeds known to the Kings and Queens of the land is great progress so that some day not all Drow will be judged quite so quickly, even if today is still tarnished by the need to hide yourself. I am but a fool from far off Calimshan, however, so I leave it to you to tell me what is best here." He smiles at her and winks at mention of being a fool. "Either way we will drink to Zarra, hero and true friend, before we set out to find more mischief again, eh?" Velon leaves her be to decide what she would like to do.

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