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Epic Bard

Hit Die: d6

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier

Spells: The bard's caster level is equal to his or her class level. The bard's number of spells per day does not increase after 20th level. The bard does not learn additional spells unless he or she selects the Spell Knowledge feat.

Bardic Music: The bard gains no new bardic music effects from his or her Perform ranks. However, he or she may select epic feats that grant new bardic music effects

Bardic Knowledge: Add the bard's class level + Intelligence modifier to all bardic knowledge checks, as normal.

Inspire Courage (Su): The epic bard's bonus when this ability is used increases by +1 every six levels higher than 20th.

Table: The Epic Bard

Bard Level







Bonus feat






Inspire Courage +5, Bonus feat






Bonus feat



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Latest RPG Post

The group heads deeper into the mountain, and pass under yet another security measure, a massive stone suspended above the passage that can be dropped to seal it.

You soon find the grand stairway. Four large lifts are here, two on either side of the passage. They seem to be reserved mostly for cargo, but there are a few elderly individuals riding them. Most people use the wide curving stairs going up and down.

Beyond it is the upper market, a wide and brightly colored open space filled to the brim with vendors hawking all manner of goods. A large crystal embedded in the cieling acts like a false sun, radiating light to fill the space.

Nikolaos is told that the Rite of Inebriation is down below, in the city proper.

Those heading below find themselves in a convoluted warren of tunnels. The dwarves all seem to know where they're going, but exactly how they figure it out is a mystery at first glance. A young dwarven boy, on seeing you look around confused, comes running up with a grin, "Greetings visitors, Thumbolt rockseeker at your service. Three silver, and I'll get you wherever you want to go."

Poljen heads up, and finds himself stepping into a distinctly military area. At the top of the stairs, he's challenged as to his business here. Upon explaining that he's here to rent a gryphon, he's told to proceed down the hall and take the small staircase there all the way up, and that he'd know where to go after that.

The barbarian heads up yet again, and emerges at the top of the citadel. He can hear the screeching of gryphons from a stable nearby, and can see one of them being inspected for any physical problems by a half elf who seems to be in charge here.

Out of Character: Insight rolls for people heading into the upper market.

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