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Equipment and Gear - VII

Table of Contents

VII. Equipment and Gear
Wealth and Money
Wealth Other Than Coins
Selling Loot
Weapon Categories
Weapon Qualities
Weapon Descriptions
Masterwork Weapons
Armor Qualities
Armor Descriptions
Masterwork Armor
Armor for Unusual Creatures
Getting into and Out of Armor
Goods and Services
Adventuring Gear
Special Substances and Items
Tools and Skill Kits
Food, Drink, and Lodging
Mounts and Related Gear
Spellcasting and Services
Special Materials
Special Weapons Materials
Magic Items I (Basics and Creation)
Magic Item Descriptions
Creating Magic Items
Magic Item Gold Piece Values
Masterwork Items
Creating Magic Armor
Creating Magic Weapons
Creating Potions
Creating Rings
Creating Rods
Creating Scrolls
Creating Staffs
Creating Wands
Creating Wondrous Items
Intelligent Item Creation
Adding New Abilities
Body Slot Affinities
Magic Items II (Armor and Weapons)
Magic Items III (Potions, Rings, and Rods)
Potions and Oils
Magic Items IV (Scrolls, Staffs, and Wands)
Magic Items V (Wondrous Items)
Wondrous Items
Magic Items VI (Intelligent, Cursed, and Artifacts)
Intelligent Items
Intelligent Item Alignment
Languages Spoken by Item
Intelligent Item Powers
Special Purpose Items
Dedicated Power
Item Ego
Items Against Characters
Cursed Items
Specific Cursed Items
Minor Artifacts
Major Artifacts
Epic Magic Items 1
Creating Epic Magic Items
Caster Level
Market Price
Experience Point Cost
Magic Item Descriptions
Epic Magic Items 2
Minor Artifacts
Major Artifacts
Psionic Items
Using Items
Saving Throws Against Psionic Item Powers
Damaging Psionic Items
Repairing Items
Intelligent Items
Cursed Items
Charges and Multiple Uses
Magic Items for Psionic Characters
Psionic Item Descriptions
Random Psionic Items
Armor and Shields
Cognizance Crystals
Power Stones
Psionic Tattoos
Universal Items
Cursed Items
Psionic Artifacts
Creating Psionic Items
Special Materials

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Latest RPG Post

I am Arsenio.

My late father gave me the name before I was born.

He died a hero in the war, but he named me after the wise teacher of Rome, Arsenius the Great, who was the desert father of Christianity. He was known to say: "I have often been sorry for having spoken, but never for having held my tongue".

I have learned the basics of sorcery that hard-headed Christians disapproved of, but my mother taught me that although the Lord always favours and protects the ignorant and the lame but always uses the wise and able for His plans.

I do not talk much, but I gather knowledge anywhere and anytime I can. I have read rolls of scribes, studied with the wisest teachers my mother could afford.

She was a strong woman, my mother, God rest her soul, and left me too early, like my father, but now they are together in Heaven, watching over my path that they had chosen for me.

I always listened to my mother and my father - though I only had seen him twice in my life -, for they were wise and noble people, so I will be loyal to their teaching and do my best to make them proud up there.

I am only 16, but the destiny I was prepared for is to rule this land someday. While I was raised a Christian, my mother also taught me to respect others' beliefs as long as they cannot prey on the weak and unfortunate. I have studied with Druids and learned a lot from them; I knew some of the Elves and Dwarves. As my mother taught me, a great ruler of a nation is like the head of a body, where the body is the people. One would always make sure to keep the body healthy and safe, so should a King do the best to protect and care for his people.
"Serve before you rule!" my mother had said. "You have to know all sides of the dice to prevail."

I am young but a proud Paladin. I am known to some. With my sword and shield and my knowledge, I help where I can, when I can, but I also plan to find mates. Comrades, loyal soldiers whom with I can raise this land to peace and prosperity.

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