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Creation Domain

Granted Power: Cast conjuration (creation) spells at +2 caster level. (Those with access to both the Artifice and Creation domains cast conjuration (creation) spells at +3 caster level.)

Creation Domain Spells

1 Create water

2 Minor image

3 Create food and water

4 Minor creation

5 Major creation

6 Heroes' feast

7 Permanent image

8 True creation

9 Genesis

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Latest RPG Post

Advisor Description

Captain Bentley, well the first time I meant him was when I only five years old. It was he who came and told my mother and me that my father had gone missing after a terrible battle against one of the orc clans. At the time I was too young to really understand what was happening but what I do remember was that after talking to the sergeant, for Bentley was only a sergeant at the time, that my mother then fled to her bedroom where I later heard crying come from.
After my mother left Bentley came and sat down beside me and said son, I want you to know that your farther was a great man. Possibly one of the bravest and most courageous men that I have ever known. He saved my life you know, I was cornered by three massive orc warriors, and I thought I was done for. But your father came out of nowhere with that great battle axe of his and cut all three of them down as if they were mere children. I still remember the look on this stern face has he helped me up off the ground. Come on lad the said their more where those three lightweights came from and then he turned and plowed back into the enemy like a charging bull. It was later in the next day when I really got to meet your father and we soon became fast friends. And we both made a promise to each other that if only one of use made it back than the other would look after family. And I intend to keep that promise he said. He then stayed with me a while longer till my mother had composed herself, then he left to find work in the town.
It was from that day on that I always had a shadow watching over me. Whenever I needed him Bentley always seemed to be there at just the right time. Until till around my thirteenth when he was promoted to captain and reassigned to another town. Now he would have left the army and stayed to look after me and my mother but if he had done so he would have been lock up for being a deserter. And my mother convinced him that he would be no good to anyone locked up in and that him being in jail was not what my father would have wanted. But now I am glad to have found him again his wisdom and master of weapons and how to lead and inspire people will be invaluable to me. Thought I don't think he know of my family's past I believe he has always seen my as his son as I have seen him as my father and I believe he will help me in any way he can when the time come to walk in my great grandfather's footsteps.

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