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Metapsionic Feats

As a manifester's knowledge of psionics grows, he can learn to manifest powers in ways slightly different from how the powers were originally designed or learned. Of course, manifesting a power while using a metapsionic feat is more expensive than manifesting the power normally.

Manifesting Time: Powers manifested using metapsionic feats take the same time as manifesting the powers normally unless the feat description specifically says otherwise.

Manifestation Cost: To use a metapsionic feat, a psionic character must both expend his psionic focus (see the Concentration skill description) and pay an increased power point cost as given in the feat description.

Limits on Use: As with all powers, you cannot spend more power points on a power than your manifester level. Metapsionic feats merely let you manifest powers in different ways; they do not let you violate this rule.

Effects of Metapsionic Feats on a Power: In all ways, a metapsionic power operates at its original power level, even though it costs additional power points. The modifications to a power made by a metapsionic feat have only their noted effect on the power. A manifester can't use a metapsionic feat to alter a power being cast from a power stone, dorje, or other device.

Manifesting a power modified by the Quicken Power feat does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Some metapsionic feats apply only to certain powers, as described in each specific feat entry.

Psionic Items and Metapsionic Powers: With the right psionic item creation feat, you can store a metapsionic power in a power stone, psionic tattoo, or dorje. Level limits for psionic tattoos apply to the power's higher metapsionic level.

A character doesn't need the appropriate metapsionic feat to activate an item in which a metapsionic power is stored, but does need the metapsionic feat to create such an item.

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No, trapmaking is one of the listed craft skills, you don't need to specify the type of trap.

There are 2 obstacles to mundane item crafting. One is simply that doing it in the field is not usually feasible, and most adventuring parties spend a lot of time in the field. The second is the pace of crafting makes anyone wince. Your crafting check times the craft DC equals how much progress you make in a week, in silver pieces.

So let us say you want to make a DC 20 item, and use take ten checks to get a 20 on the roll every time. That's 400 silver, or 40 gold in value per week. That could get you basic weaponry in short order, but basic weapons are so cheap obtaining them is a nonissue unless so poor that crafting tools are also a problem. It is masterwork and special material items that players are generally interested in, and those start at around 350 gp, and go up to several thousand. Given a choice between paying a vendor 10,500 gp to get Mithral plate armor now, or paying the party crafter 5,250 gp to get Mithral plate armor five and a half years from now… It is not hard to see why people aren't happy with the default setup. Especially since the party wizard just popped out a 5,000 gp wand in less than a week, as magic item crafting uses considerably more generous rules (In most ways at least)

Now, with all of that stated, Kntoran uses a rather more generous time table for mundane crafting times. I don't know what guidelines he uses for it, but he's been letting me craft mithral breastplates in another game in 2 weeks rather than the year or so it would have been otherwise.

That still leaves the issue of crafting in the field, but one can get around with that, especially since this group has an armored wagon that could be outfitted with a crafting workspace.

I suggest looking into the 3.5e book called dungeonscape for traps and related things you can do with the trapmaking skill.

At this point, it would also be good to consider how you will fit into the story. One suggestion, the group has hired a scout to take them into the badlands. If Kn is willing, Rivoril could be that scout, and start to take a more active role in events.

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