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World of Medieval
The first online Medieval based Text RPG

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This site is divided into different types of medieval play by post role-playing games. Each has its' own requirements.

The World of Medieval RPG is a Custom environment tailored towards the serious Role-Playing writer that really loves to develop his / her character through text rather than statistics and dice. Do note that is not D&D but other systems:

Currently Looking For Game Masters

We need Game Masters that want to run: Rune Quest, Pendragon, Middle Earth or other Fantasy / Medieval based PBP RPGs. See: HERE

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World of Medieval PBP RPG
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Our Text RPGs utilizes an International Forum or as some may know it: "BBS", "Discussion site", or "bulletin board" as a medium for players to conduct role-playing middle ages genre games or what is known by many as Open Tabletop Role playing.

Dungeons & Dragons is normally played in a tabletop environment where everyone meets in person, but we have D&D games running in one section of an online Forum environment with people from all over the world. The site, International Discussions, allows everyone to participate according to their time zone and abilities.

It is very easy to get started. You just Join for free, introduce yourself and then create your character. Nothing to download, nothing to pay for.

You are not required to make any special posts or have some special activity level but you should be active enough that players can expect your input. There is more than one D&D Scenario running so you can choose which one you want to join in.

Dungeons & Dragons PBP RPG

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Pathfinder PBP
Pathfinder PBP RPG
Pathfinder Character

Based on the Pathfinder Adventure Path system try this new addition to the World of Medieval list of Medieval related role-playing games. It is easy to get started. You just Join for free, introduce yourself and then create your character. If you are not familiar with pathfinder then someone will assist you.

Pathfinder PBP RPG

Gwynedd Medieval Village

Medieval PBP RPG
Drama style role-playing

Gwynedd Medieval Village PBP RPG is very unique to other RPGs because it does not use a dice or combat system. The focus is on pure dramatic Role-play.

Players use their FP (Forum Points) to establish themselves in a Village called, "Gwynedd" by clearing land, setting up their home and adding upgrades to it. As they do so, their 'rank' or prestige in the Village grows.

This is all about Medieval drama with you at the center.

Gwynedd PBP RPG

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Latest RPG Post

Mykael makes his way around the corner by the riverside and two guards standing by the door usher him into the inn. Emeline's Inn is a quaint little place where nothing seems to match and two halflings in robes play a card game. But he pays no heed, as he hands over the 2 gold for the room and retreats to his own space for the night.

Zork seems to be having a more favourable night, as he gets all he asked for, with meals, at the cost of 4 gold. He hands you a key and heading upstairs, Zork drops everything in his small room. A few minutes later a tall, sharp-featured brunette woman informs him that the bath has been refilled with hot water.

Moonday 1st Erastus

Reconvening at the gates to the offices, the guards let each of you in and you get seated in the Chief Surveyor's room. KNtoran is first, having been awakened by a racket of alcoholics starting their drinking in the early morning and the clang of metal in the forge. Mykael is the last to arrive, having come the furthest and his puffy eyes hiding nothing.

"Good tidings, everyone," Mallius Vand starts. "The Swordlords have agreed to meet you." He gives you a moment to let it sink in. "However, they are busy with Archerfeast preparations for the next two days. They have agreed to meet with you on the 4th, when the council convenes anyway for the awards ceremony of the previous day's contests. You will be included towards the end of the ceremony and will be in the public eye. So you have to be doubly presentable - for your image and for the Swordlords.

"However, the Swordlords also know you are missing a member and would like to know if this date is too early for you. They can organise a less public meeting in two weeks' time. In the meantime they will contact Archival through a Sending spell at their expense to inform him of your choice."

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